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Swimming Pool Heating

   POLYTUB " S "

Months and months of swimming
The polytub solar collectors will heat your pool with the only free available natural resource – the “Sun”.

Giordano’s polytub solar heater adapts immediately to any swimming pool.

As outdoor swimming pool without a heater can also be used seasonally, how can you guarantee and lengthen the swimming season without investing in an expensive high energy consuming heaters?

Today, solar energy is the solution that thousands of users have adopted through out the world.

Hot water for longer period of time
Your swimming pool is an important investment, why not maximize its use with Jacques Giordano polytub solar carpet by increasing the temperature of your pool.

A ready to use complete solar system is available for any swimming pool that can be easily installed and commissioned in just a day or two.

With Solar Energy, you will enjoy your swimming pool longer and have hot water in the morning and at night for genuine swims.

Your children and friends will certainly appreciate.

Free hot water
One Sq. Mtr. of Giordano’s polytub collectors produces from 1000 to 1400 kWh per season; these kWh are necessary to heat your pool.

Yet with the sun and your solar pool heating system these kWh will be free. With Giordano you will save a lot of money.

In other words, in terms of money, you produce/save SR 515 to SR 975 per year per Sq. Mtr. let us make a quick calculation for swimming pool of 48 Sq. Mtr. at a minimum saving: i.e. 48 Sq. Mtr. x SR 580/- = SR 27,840/-.

You save SR. 27,840/- per year for a swimming pool measuring 48 Sq. Mtrs.

Yet, for the same comfort, it will not cost you anything with the polytub collectors.

How does your solar system work?
Totally independent from the filtration circuit, no plumbing is required, self regulated, and the KSP directly draws water from the pool and sends it to get heated in the collectors as long as there is a sun.

Where do you have to install your solar collectors?
The polytub collectors can be installed anywhere, on the ground, on a terrace, on a roof or on a pergola, far enough from the swimming pool so that they are discreet and well oriented towards the sun, in order to receive at least 8 hrs. of sunshine per day.

The flexible aspect of the polytub, delivered in the rolls, enables any configuration.

Resistant to UV rays and frost, between 50 deg. C (- 58 deg. F) and 150 deg. C (302 deg. F) corrosion tested, the polytub has a 5 (five) years warranty from the date of installation.

The polytub collectors have been certified by the French energy saving board (ADEME) and tested in France by the CSTB.

The polytub collectors already equip numerous collective and individual pools in Europe, America, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Which kit do you need?
The area of collectors depends on the geographical region, sunlight level, and altitude period of use, desired temperature, area and volume of the pool. A personal study can be made upon request.

Normally in Saudi Arabia, the selection of size of the polytub so selected is equivalent to the size of the surface area of the swimming pool, as far as the central region is concerned due to dry conditions. Areas with high level of humidity like Dammam and Jeddah needs separate study to determine the area of collectors needed.

KSP installation diagram.
The KSP system is delivered complete to enable a quick installation; it is also possible to connect the KSP system to the filtration circuit (consult CLIMATECH TRADING EST.), when you build your pool, plan 2 holes through the wall, one for the cold water outlet and the other for hot water inlet.

Shematic Diagram

 KSP specification
Polytub/Collectors EPDM (Synthetic rubber). Delivered in flexible rolls of 60 Mtrs. in length, 0.20 Mtrs. in width (12 Sq. Mtrs.), 5 Kgs./Sq. in weight, water contents 6 ltrs. Per Sq. Mtr.

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